Rentals and Collaboration Requests

The Centro Cultural de la Raza is a vibrant community space where organizations and individuals can hold lively events or group meeting.  If you or your organization is interested renting our space and/or collaborating to host an event, please fill out the form below. Please expect two week turnaround from the date of your request. If you are submitting a last minute request, please also notify us via email, found on our home page.

Submitting a proposal does not guarantee the use of the space. The proposal must be approved before it appears on our calendar.  All renters are required to fill out written rental agreement after your event is approved.

Renting space includes uses of tables, chairs, risers, and projector. The Centro does not offer catering but can refer you to our community partners.


Chairs set up for film showing, with gallery in the background. We also provide our own projector


M_Gonzalez_site4 M_Gonzalez_site5 M_Gonzalez_site7

2 Responses to Rentals and Collaboration Requests

  1. Susan A. Gonzales says:

    Thanks for your time. I appreciate it. Susan A. Gonzales

  2. Nancy Medina says:

    Thanks so much for hosting my workshop this weekend and a warm thank you to the awesome Centro staff for all their help! My students from Canada, Singapore, Australia, and across the US all had a wonderful time. I’ve just submitted a request for new dates to teach for 2015, and hope to hear from you soon! Nancy Medina

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